Do What Makes You Feel Alive

Daylight, fresh air and endless freedom to move. It's all waiting for you, just outside your front door. Grab a friend, find the perfect location and pitch a tent in the forest. Movement can mean more than simply going for a trip to the gym. Enjoy nature no matter the season. Explore end be active in the forest, the beach or on the open road. Discover new places, new impressions and create unforgettable memories.

Who doesn’t want to go on a trip with a friend, have fun and just feel like you are one with nature. Go for long walks by the water and maybe even go for a swim! Followed up with a hot chocolate by a campfire or at home under the blankets. 

Creating amazing memories with a close friend is simply fantastic and has high value in the feel-alive account!
We just want to pack a bag, start the car and drive into the sunset together.
januar 27, 2021 — Mette Lyngholm