Do What You Can

We do not believe in unreal standards or unobtainable goals. The spirit of the time dictates otherwise that we must do more, look better and do more. 'Do What You Can' is our way of saying that there is nothing you need to do, but that you can do what is possible within the resources you have.For some it means a stroll with the stroller, for others it is an intensive workout. Our lives and working days look very different and we have different prerequisites for being active.

Life strikes us; we get family and kids, we get a demanding job or want to spend more time with friends and loved ones. We are making other priorities, but the desire to be active is still there. It can also turn the other way, maybe there is suddenly room for exercise to be given higher priority? Our mission is to wipe away destructive ideas and certain parameters of what it takes to be active.

We urge you to take the bad conscience out of the equation and accept that being active is relative and changes depending on where we are in life. It is not an admonition, but a kind reminder that we all have different preconditions. That's what we mean when we say: Do What You Can.

september 01, 2019 — Mette Lyngholm