11. April 2021

On Wednesday We Wear Pink

On Wednesday We Wear Pink

Even though we can't take credit for the legendary slogan, "On Wednesday We Wear Pink" has really taken off and become a huge part of our identity at EYDA. We love seeing , the way all you lovely ladies around the country put on your pink workout clothing and give it everything you've got.

We are proud of the community spirit , you play a role in fostering, across all age groups, types of activities and size, and we'll go into battle for that community spirit with an army of tough EYDA women dressed in pink anytime.

In our view, pink covers a wide range of shades from the palest to the deepest , which means that there are many, many , of our styles you can choose from when Wednesday We Wear Pink Comes Around, just like we do. Below, you'll find a selection of the colours , that we're just crazy about to wear on Wednesdays. Use the search function at our webshop to search by colour, and you'll find all the styles ,that are available, in the colour you're looking for.


Found the style you like, but not sure about how to assemble a pink outfit to your best advantage? In that case, we've put together some suggests to provide some inspiration to help you create the look you're searching for.

EYDA On Wendsday We Wear Pink