11. April 2021




Anna Eiholm is one of our EYDA girls, which we are incredibly proud of in many ways. She is a predecessor to a realistic view of health, and is not a stranger in killing myths such as; burn out, sugar is unhealthy or you have to eat many meals to keep the calories burning up. She teaches at the Fitness Institute (in Aarhus, Denmark), does health checks for several companies, is a personal trainer and a huge inspiration for many through her instagram.

Anna has been practicing everything from team training and fitness till today, where she primarily does cross-fit. Since she started, she has learned and developed tremendously and has competed in Cross-fit challenges several times. She is a power woman who fights for the goals that she sets for herself. Here we get an insight into what a workout can look like and why it is fun to do cross-fit.

*Note that video is in Danish, please see below for the English instructions:

The work out is set-up in a pair of which you must do the following in three sets:

  • 1st set: 22 reps per exercise
  • 2nd set: 14 reps per exercise
  • 3rd set: 8 reps per exercise

    * Note that there is a 400-meter sprint in between sets.

    * Workout is done in pairs, so when one does the other exercise, the other one takes a quick pause

           The Workout:

      • 22/14/8 Calories in an Airbike
      • 22/14/8 Wall Balls
      • 22/14/8 Burpees
      • 22/14/8 Pull Up
      • 22/14/8 Thrusters


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