11. April 2021

Welcome to EYDA

Welcome to EYDA

A warm welcome to EYDA. A universe I have long dreamed of and I am looking forward to opening.

EYDA is sportswear for women who loves to move, whether today's workout is fitness, running, boxing, strength training or yoga, these are the clothes created for movement. My experience tells me that the right workout clothes can make us perform better when we workout, bring the pulse up higher, and make us work until the last sweat drops. EYDA is created with this very purpose in mind. The clothes stays where it should be, supports the right places, and is breathable.

We live in a time where we need study, take care of a job, friends, family, everyday practice and travel to move up into a higher level. At the same time, we want to keep fit and be physically strong. Therefore, it is essential for me to create active-wear with a design you can wear for more than your workout. Enjoy that you can have your clothes on a Sunday with the family or that you do not have to change for a walk in the cafe after training.

Lastly, I would like to remind you to remember to breathe out once in a while. Go for a long walk with a friend, enjoy the fresh air, or relax your legs and enjoy the moment.

I hope and am sure that you will love your EYDA styles whatever you choose to use them for.

All the best, 

Mette Lyngholm, Founder and Owner of EYDA