Danish brand is fighting the unattainable fitness standards on Instagram: “Do what you can”


Mette Lyngholm


Blogger, personal trainer and entrepreneur, Mette Lyngholm, has founded the brand EYDA, whose mission is to challenge the unattainable fitness standards that often displayed on social media platforms like Instagram.

Unattainable fitness standards

For many Instagram users, it is definitely not abnormal that their feed is filled with posts containing pictures and videos of personal trainers, online coaches and sport brands encouraging you as the receiver, to start working and chase the body of your dreams. The people and models in these pictures and videos are very often extremely fit and sporting the newest training clothes with the main purpose of looking great.

We do not believe in unattainable standards. We live in a performance-oriented society and it is easy to get stuck in the idea that you always have to do more.

Takes up the fight

Mette Lyngholm is a professional blogger and a former personal trainer. She is living with her partner and their two small children, so she knows all about an everyday life, where the family and two small children take up a lot of time. Currently Mette has more than 60.000 followers on Instagram, who she diligently shares her everyday life with, covering both her family life and training. Due to her background within fitness and personal training, combined with her experience using Instagram, she knows all about the glossy picture that is displayed on social media and the pressure that follows for some people. This is something, that she would like to take up the fight against.

 "Do What You Can" is our way of saying, that there is nothing you have to do, but you are free to do what is possible within the resources and time you have.

Training tights for any kind of activity

In connection with Mette Lyngholm’s passion for training and fitness, she often found it hard to find training tights that matched all her needs. Finding some that looked nice in pictures was no problem, but they were either transparent, had a poor fit or had to be drawn up a lot of times during a run. Exactly these kinds of problems, formed the breeding ground for EYDA, which she later founded.
EYDA produces training clothes for women and focuses on a design, that makes the clothes comfortable to wear. As Mette expresses it: “If you feel comfortable in your training clothes, you train better.”   

 We would like to make people aware, that it is completely natural with folds and fat on the stomach. A stomach will bulge when sitting down, and you will get sweaty when you train. Sweat is not embarrassing. On the contrary I think it is cool training so hard, that there are marks of sweat on your clothes.

Training is for everyone

At EYDA, training is for everyone regardless of body shape and size. This is truly clear when taking the diversity of the models displayed on their website into account. The models are very different when it comes to their body shape, and the clothes displayed are in the sizes XS-XL.