Joy of Movement

Being active is about so much more than working out. It's about finding the sheer joy of movement. It's about happiness, personal accomplishments, finding communities. Most importantly, it's about feeling good. We encourage you to find your own joy in movement. Is it a better night sleep? Is it getting rid of all those thoughts whizzing through your mind? Is it the feeling of being part of a community? Achieving personal victories? Or is the joy of movement that recognizable feeling of personal satisfaction you get once your workout is done?
Once we know our own joy of movement, our motivation to live an active life increase.

Tell us what the joy of movement is to you. Share it with us by tagging @eyda and #JoyOfMovement, so we can inspire each other.

Our understanding of ‘being active’ changes throughout our life. It is all natural, and it is all right – so do not blame yourself for not doing everything all the time. Our encouragement to find the joy of movement is not an admonition of you to do more. It is simply intended as a gentle reminder to do what feels right for you, find a form of movement that you enjoy doing - and be aware of the type of joy it brings you.

Emilie: "I switch off"

Do you find that both your mind and body feel lighter when you are moving? That's what Emilie feels when she performs gymnastics. It's during her gymnastics sessions that Emilie feels she is really living in the present, focussed only on that moment. When she is immersed in the movements she loves, all her negative thoughts melt away and Emile feels that she has 'cleansed' her mind. That's what the joy of movement means to Emilie! Is that what the joy of movement is for you, too?

Nanna: "I connect with my body"

Your priorities, resources and motivation change as life progresses - and so does the joy of movement. Nanna experienced this when she became a mother. Naturally, her body underwent a lot of changes in a short time, just as her priorities and resources changed, too. Now Nanna is using movement to get to know her body all over again, to "reconnect" with herself. Movement gives Nanna some "breathing space", where she can feel who she is now during this new, happy period of her life. 

Stephanie: "I sleep better at night"

Sleep - or the lack of it - can really have a negative impact on our mood, our quality of life and our health. Stephanie has discovered that she sleeps better at night if she has been active during the daytime. A better night's rest is one of the huge plusses that Stephanie gets from movement, because she knows that  when she sleeps well at night, she feels better during the daytime. Does any of this sound familiar? Share your joy of movement with us by tagging @eyda and #JoyOfMovement.

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