11. April 2021

Dance To Your Own Rhythm

Dance To Your Own Rhythm

If you look up the word "dance" in the dictionary it says: "movement of the body, with no other physical purpose than the movement itself". Many can probably agree that dance gives you a special place where you can listen to the sensuous nature of the body? Dance typically consists of selected sequences of natural, human movement, and it is difficult for most people not to dance, tap their feet a little, or rock from side to side when we hear some rhythmic music.

Are you into hip hop, house, salsa or swing? Have you tried tango, zumba, groove or ballet? In recent years, the interest in dance has grown. We dance at educational facilities, at festivals,  at dance schools and in the gyms. Dance is for children, youngsters, adults and the elderly. Everyone can dance! And many people experience that dance creates flow and a feeling of freedom in the body as well as in the community. Dance opens up the body's natural joy of movement.

Dancing is fascinating - especially because everyone can dance, and that dancing puts us in a good mood. Dance can build bridges between people,  as dance is universal, existential, cultural and personal. Dance travels through time periods and across national borders, making it subject to constant change and evolvement - a great thing! It's not unlikely that salsa, which originates from Cuba, tango from Argentina or the raw hip hop genre from street cultures in New York, will suddenly become popular in a completely different country. Dance is associated with the culture and society we live in but can be showcased all over the world. 

When you dance, you are allowed to be present in the moment, with others - even without talking to each other. Language goes  beyond words and comes out through the body when we dance. The following smiles and laughter further connect us and makes us happy. However, it is not dancing alone that puts us in a good mood, it is also the music that we dance to. Music can bring joy to both body and mind and send us into an almost euphoric state of happiness.

Dancing is available to all people and it is never too late to start dancing no matter what age you are or how you feel! The body is designed to experience pleasure and joy from movement.
When we dance, we actually take care of our bodies, as we train flexibility, balance, strength, fitness and coordination. It may feel as if you are on uncertain ground, but it is precisely this unpredictability, play and spontaneity that helps create joy and the flow and feeling of freedom whilst dancing.💃🏼

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