22. December 2021

Ease Into It

Ease Into It

This time around, we start to look into the new year, and true to tradition, many of us set new goals to reach. Behind the new goals often lies a high level of ambition. And ambition is great, definitely! But, let’s face it, maybe we are too ambitious at times. Instead of finding a sustainable way for yourself to get a good routine going, we have a tendency of moving really fast from the beginning, setting the bar too high. Therefore we, at EYDA would like to encourage you to ease into your new goals.

This year, we are launching a new collection, together with the expression “Ease into it”. Behind the expression "Ease into" (something) lies the meaning; being gently introduced to a new situation. We made a short video interview with Trine Sørensen (@trine.sen) and Cecilie Andreasen (@cecilieandreasens), small talking about easing into new things, their experiences with New Year’s resolutions and how they would build up a good routine that makes sense for them.

“Doing something for me”

Like many of us probably, Trine and Cecilie recognize that it can be quite difficult to maintain New Year’s resolutions. They address that it has become something we sometimes do more of obligation than desire. We often tend to start at level 110%, instead of setting the bar lower and making milestones along the way, so we succeed easier and maintain our desire to work towards our resolutions.

Trine turned her News Year’s resolution around and said “Can I do something for me? For me it was like, ‘okay I need to get 8 hours of sleep every day’. ‘I need to do a skin routine or something’. For me. Cause it was easier actually” Cecilie continues: “I think you have to make it simple, do it for yourself and not because everyone else is doing it”

“Find something that is sustainable for you”

If January is the month where you want to start doing a new kind of exercise, then remember, it all starts with you. Exercise and being active in general are different from person to person, and so is sustainable routines. Your friend’s routine might not fit you, and the other way around. So, start by setting smaller goals, and find your way towards what suits your daily life. Your rate for success is much higher if you set the bar lower.

So, with that being said - Ease Into It - whether it is a goal of being active, a new job, changing a habit or in general just starting something new.

Happy New Year!
Katja, Marketing Coordinator at EYDA

Ps. I started a lot of things too intensively too! Maybe it should be my New Year’s resolution, to try a new mindset; ‘just ease into it’ ;-)