11. April 2021

Fitness - more than just exercise


"Fitness isn't just exercise. It is rather an indicator for how well equipped we are to live the life we want.The problems occur when we forget to look inward and simply hand over the keys to our bodies, to training methods, practitioners or systems, instead of taking control ourselves. - Daniel Severin Petersen 


Preparation for the day with Mette and Anna 

I had the pleasure of teaching the amazing EYDA women, Mette Lyngholm and Anne Eiholm. They has booked a day with me, at Movement Method in Aarhus, in relation to a project on discovering different kinds of movement.

They were put to the test in all thing from gymnastics, strength training to hand stand push ups. 

The purpose of this event was to show the various ways in which you can move your body and that movement does not only revolve around fitness - on the contrary it contains many nuances. Shedding light on this is directly opposite of what has become the cultural norm for our individual physical ability. This is the main reason why movement is such an interesting field to work with. 

The common way of thinking, in my experience, is focussed on the ability to move is something that has be introduced in the childhood - meaning that if gymnastic movement were not taught during childhood it would then not be possible to learn these skills as an adult. This way of thinking combined with the widespread notion of your body's physical decline after the year of 30 has created a critical view on movement.
Luckily this is far from the truth! 

The fact is that movement is mush more than working out. The body is amazing and can adapt to incredible things - varying from specific athletic accomplishments to performing in a ballet. However, the body can also adapt to the opposite: stagnation and hypersensitivity. We as individuals have the control over what kind of life we want to live and how it will look in the eyes of movement. Bruse Lee called this "the art of expressing the human body". 


Movement of the body  

When we have learned to move we can then move to learn. This was something I was told as a child in relation to learning how to read. Later it has grown to mean a lot to me in terms of movement. My biggest focus is to pass on this way of thinking during my session with Mette and Anna. This is important in creating a curious outlook whilst bringing into light the question of motivation and the constant physical journey we are on. When this curiosity and understanding has taken its roots, this is when only you set the limits for your own development. 

Everyone who has moved has experienced a response from it. That can be manifested in feelings of fun, difficulty or exertion. These responses can facilitate feelings of frustration, joy, incompetence or even a triumphant feeling. If we listen to these reaction, we can learn a lot about ourselves and what we want desire. It is exactly this that movement can give you, on top of the physical merits. 
Due to this, EYDA's project revolving around exploring movement is brilliant, as it challenges our understanding of why and how we move. The modern practitioner of movement does not necessarily participate in a sport and become the best at it. Instead they design their own way of moving - by finding their needs and moving accordingly. 


Creating more than just activewear - Creating community

Looking at yourself and your thought process is essential for taking ownership of your own participation in this world. If we do not lead ourselves in the direction of self-management the world around us will automatically control us. This notion inspired one of the main take aways from my session with Anna and Mette:
It is easy to see that EYDA is not just an activewear brand but also facilitates a large community. They have a vision of creating a realistic yet beautiful view on women. Where all types of bodies are welcome and all types of activity levels are equally important. By focussing on the acceptance of visible muscles, sweat and other everyday features of an active women, an image of the female form and its capabilities are redefined. This was a very important point for the session with Mette and Anna. 

The amazing part about this, is that it takes its departure in activewear for women but ends up as a community standing together to create change.
Change for the better.
Change in the way that people think and further facilitates change in group behaviour. Groups that become communities and communities that change the global understanding.

We all have a unique opportunity to dive into ourselves and change the way in which we think on for example physical movement. No matter the focus the development is essential, in order to reach our full potential.  

The day with Mette and Anna is not only an example of how little it takes to learn different ways of moving but also how mush change you can create if you dare go against the tide and listen to your own curiosity.  

Keep moving,

// Daniel Severin Petersen, Movement Coach and Personal Trainer

Instagram: @danielseverinpetersen
Website: https://www.danielseverin.dk/