11. April 2021

Sweaty Step Session with Phie in Aarhus - Cardio AND Fun

Sweaty Step Session with Phie in Aarhus

Mambo-chase, repeater, single knee and around the world 🧚🏼‍♀️

....after an hour on the step platform, we were much wiser on these words in particular

A couple of weeks ago we, Anna and Mette, went to a sweaty and challenging step class with Phie in Aarhus. It was a total throwback to 2012, when we both used to join in step classes. Funnily enough we actually also used to do step classes together, when we both lived in Aarhus.

To step you don’t need anything other than yourself, a step platform and some good music. It’s a fun way to get your heart rate – or we think so at least. It almost feels like being back on the dance floor and even though it only felt like we had been going for 15 minutes an hour flew by.

We had the talented Phie, who is a step instructor at FitnessX in Aarhus, as our teacher for an hour of step. She brought us all the way ’back to basics’ but also gave us some challenging movements, with a lot of crazy turns. On Instagram Highlights you can find some videos of the step class with Phie. On top of that you can find an IG-TV with our first series of movements, allowing you to try it at home!

For the step class we wore Emma Pocket Tights and the Emma Bra, which are practically made for the purpose. The Emma Bra provides you with medium to high support, allowing you to go all out in your step class without having to worry.