EYDA tracksuits, a perfect extra layer

For lounging at home or wearing at the gym

Emma Crop Sweatshirt

425,00 kr.849,00 kr.

Linnea Recycled Running Shirt

419,00 kr.599,00 kr.

Elina Zip Hoodie

425,00 kr.849,00 kr.

Molly Hoodie

899,00 kr.

Jeanne Long Sleeve Tee

349,00 kr.499,00 kr.

Molly Sweatshirt

629,00 kr.899,00 kr.

Molly Long Sweatshirt

629,00 kr.899,00 kr.

Lea Pants

719,00 kr.899,00 kr.

Gaia Sweatpants

1.099,00 kr.


In the gym or lounging at home – the tracksuit sets from EYDA are meant for the active and comfortable lifestyle. The tracksuits are perfect wearing to or from the gym, over your workout clothes and it will keep you warm during a warm-up. Due to the thin and soft material they are both breathable and stretchy. The look and the feel will make you not want to take them off.

The tracksuits are perfect for wearing on top of our workout shorts on your way to the gym. 

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