11. April 2021

Get more time for training!

Get more time for training!

We all know that we have periods in our lives where it can be difficult to find time for training, and when we are busy, it is often exercise that we choose not to prioritize.

In my own experience, however, I would like encourage you to do all you can to get it done anyways. For me, exercise works as a break in the head that provides renewed energy and boosts my mood. Something that can undoubtedly make it easier to get through tough periods with ease.

Here are a few tips for getting into a healthier habit:

30-Minute Workout

If you are still struggling to find time for training, consider whether you need to spend 60 minutes+ on a workout or less, and sometime less is more. Most people can squeeze in 30 minutes of training within their day, through a quick run or some bodyweight exercises.

Drop the phone

There is no doubt that phones are consuming large amounts of our time. By limiting your screen time, you can free up more time for the things you would rather spend your time on. Eg. working out.

The phone can also be a time robber when you are in the gym. If you want to achieve better results in less time, you can put your phone in flight mode, so you avoid distracting notifications or that you sit between the exercises and scroll through your instagram feed.

Team up with a friend

You can easily combine an appointment with a friend, so why not hit two birds with one stone? Of course, remember to exercise, even if you have a lot to talk about. In addition to being comfortable with a workout buddy, it might also be easier to squeeze yourself into a few repetitions more, or a little heavier weights when having a friend.

End the workout with a good lunch, a healthy one of course. 

Skip the cleaning

Although it is nice to have a clean home, it may be perfectly okay to skip the vacuum or laundry, and instead get some exercise into the account. Perhaps the latter contributes with the best mood, and maybe even extra energy to do the cleaning.

Empty the fridge

Save time shopping and cooking and get the fridge emptied instead. It may not be a gourmet dinner, but no one has been harmed by a simple cooked dish, or even a couple of eggs for dinner. Maybe it can release an extra hour for a run, or a trip to the gym.